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11 RUNNERS is a young, dynamic company dedicated to selling sportswear and accessories for runners and triathletes. The company is committed to selling the best and most successful brands in the global market at a price that is accessible to the discerning consumer.

Our store will be designed to invite and attract the consumer who enjoys the experience of seeing, touching, and trying on the product, in addition to having the ability to reach consumers virtually who are far from our Southern Florida location but know what they want in terms of brand, model, size, and color.


Our store will include personnel who are extremely qualified, amicable, respectful, and dedicated to providing excellent service to customers – from the moment a customer enters the store, to the time he or she selects an article, through to the point of sale.

We’ll also use this face-to-face opportunity to showcase to our consumers our brand, including the logo, slogan, brand philosophy, color, vibe, commitment to sports, etc.


Our on-line store will be fast, fresh, simple and, above all, easy to manage.

Just as our physical location seeks to promote our brand in the market place, our virtual store will also showcase to consumers what separates our company from others.

We will include all the information necessary for each of our products along with their respective images. What’s more, we will also have a Live Chat feature so that consumers can ask about specific products and for those simply needing some assistance.

Inside our virtual store, consumers will have easy access to an advice section that includes information on nutrition, hydration, training, etc. – professionally researched and written by our personal coach. The on-line store will also include information on the latest sporting events, races, and news.

Lastly, we will incorporate a certified e-commerce system for on-line sales. Our customers will be able to pay using credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal, etc. We will also offer a unique reservation system whereby the consumer will be guaranteed for a specific period of time the ability to purchase a selected item (certain conditions will apply). If a customer doesn’t have the ability to purchase an item right then and there, he or she will be able to put the item “on hold” for a certain time period.


Our store will sell specialized products for runners and triathletes such as:
  • Clothing, footwear, socks, caps and visors, nutritional products, accessories, watches, lenses, etc.

Our target consumer includes women and men from 13 to 80 years of age who like to go out and run, exercise and train as a hobby or as a way of life and professionally.


We have a team of individuals who are qualified to promote our brand through Internet Marketing, blogs, social networks, and print media. We will be offering promotions each month with different articles that will be published through these same media and more directly to our database.


Our short-term goal includes opening our store and launching our website in April/May 2012 and, by year-end, to have our brand well positioned in the American market, especially in Southern Florida where we’re initiating the project.

Our long-term objective is to establish ourselves as a national and international company recognized for excellent quality, innovation, and creativity, expanding around the world, promoting and selling our own brand of clothes, shoes, and items related to the sports we’re targeting.


Our company will offer a schedule of upcoming sports events such as marathons, half marathons, 10k races and 5k walks, as well as different triathlon distances.

We would also like through our own non-profit foundation to implement certain solidarity and community-focused programs for persons with disabilities or those who have other needs or are disenfranchised, with the support of as many people, businesses, and institutions as possible.


We’re looking to create a reality show where we showcase what it takes to run a marathon. There will be 10 runners participating who have never undertaken the distance of marathon, and an excellent coach at the helm, making up a team of 11RUNNERS. The coach will guide the finalists to achieve their goal through an effective training plan, nutrition, and emotional and psychological support.

The winner will be the first of the three participants to make it across the finish line that the people at home have chosen through votes throughout the reality show.


1055 SE 1ST AVE
MIAMI, FL 33131



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